Albany Tea Festival Review

Friday, June Fifth of 2015 became the first ever tea celebration in the greater Albany area.  There were about 15 vendors including well known Divintea and the Whistling Kettle, plus tea educators, herbalists and honey and maple vendors. The crowd started early and was consistent throughout the evening. Overit Media did a fantastic job in utilizing their space to make everyone comfortable.

Tea Educational Seminars

For as many people flowing through the tables buying and drinking tea there was a contingency of about 20 people that stayed parked in the tea seminar area. Topics ranged in a variety including ginseng, herbals, kombucha, cold brewing tea and a fun tea trivia session. Each pro did a fantastic job captivating the audience with their specialty.

Tea Tabling 2

Liz moving people to the Tea Seminars

Tea Lounge

Tea Lounging

Tea Seminars

Tea Seminars

Tea Tabling

Tea Tabling

Many of the organizers got together at the end and determined that the timing of the year is perfect for the event and with the success of the first there has to be another. Look forward to June 2016!


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What is Bubble Tea?

Bubble Tea Anatomy

Bubble Tea Anatomy

Some people who come into the shop and ask “What is Bubble Tea, anyway?”  The item on the menu catches their eye because they have heard of it, but never actually seen it. First a little history before I get into the details. Bubble tea is an up and coming drink that is established on the West Coast and some urban areas on the West Coast. Bubble Tea or more traditionally called Boba Tea originates from Taiwan. The boba or bubbles has nothing to do with fizz, but rather tapioca pearls. Wait…What? tapioca in a drink? Exactly and that is what makes Bubble Tea different from any other drink you’ve had before.

The way we describe Bubble Tea is to say it is a melted milkshake which comes in flavors like black tea, green tea, blueberry, almond, honeydew, coconut, mango, pineapple, strawberry, red bean and my favorite taro. So if sweet and creamy fruit flavored melted milkshake isn’t enough, at the bottom of the drink reside tapioca pearls. They taste like soft gummy bears. You drink this drink using an extra wide straw to make sure you get a healthy does of the tea and pearls all at once.

So yes, it is a polarizing drink where people are either addicted to it or they can’t get past the combination of textures. For those that try it are usually rewarded with a new favorite drink.

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What’s Brewing at Short and Stout Tea in June

Albany Tea Festival Friday June 5thAlbany Tea Festival

This Friday, June 5th from 5:30 to 9:00 is Albany’s First Tea Festival. Join Short and Stout with many other local tea vendors and educators for an event never seen in the area. Be a part of history and be at Albany Tea Fest.

Honest Weight Food Co-op “Backyard Herbal Teas” Presentation Thursday June 4th

At the Honest Weight Food Co-op in Albany I’ll be doing an educational seminar on Thursday, June 4th from 6:00 to 7:30. The event is free and registration is located here

Colonie Farmer’s Market

Short and Stout is serving their delicious iced teas at the Colonie Crossings Farmer’s Market on Saturday’s from 9am to 1 pm.


Old Songs Festival

We are very excited to be a part of a large event called Old Songs Festival at Altamont Fair Grounds. This festival is taking place on June 26th to June 28th and it’s going to be a blast.kickin


Introduction of Kickin’ in the Caribbean

With all our iced teas and bubble teas we are adding another CrafTEA: Kickin’ in the Caribbean. The base is our Kickin’ Earl and we add passion fruit and sparkling water which will transport you to a get-away island.


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