Brewing Tea: It’s about time

Brewing tea is easy! Regardless of how you made it, if the taste suits you, you brewed it right! If you didn’t care for the taste, because it wasn’t strong enough or too bitter then this post might help you.

Each type of tea has a recommended water temperature and steeping time for optimal flavor. But if you aren’t too fussy or you are too busy to fuss, the water temperature is the number 1 thing to pay attention to. Green tea typically requires lower temperature water, which means you should stop applying heat before water comes to a boil or let the pot cool off for 3 minutes after a boil. Green tea requires the least amount of time for steeping. 3 Minutes. That’s it. Green tea will get very bitter if any longer than that. Black tea can go for a maximum of 5 minutes, but I actually prefer 4. White Tea and Oolong can go for a full 5 minutes because these teas don’t get bitter as quickly as Green or Black Teas.

Tea Brewing Chart

Above is a chart that serves as an overview of the brewing requirement for tea. It serves as a guideline and can be adjusted for personal tastes. If you typically require sugar with your cup of tea, you’ll be surprised by how little you’ll need if you reduce the amount of steeping time.

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Iced Tea Competition at Altamont Fair on Sunday 21st at 4pm

Do you have an iced tea recipe that your friends rave over. Here is your chance to distinguish yourself from the crowd. 

We are holding an Iced Tea Competition Sunday the 21st at 4pm. Show up anytime before 3pm at Gate 2 and anyone carrying 32oz of iced tea with a typed recipe can enter the gates for free. Judging will take place at the Blue Ribbon Center and will be on 50% Flavor, 25% Creativity and 25% Presentation. Good Luck!

 altamont fair Iced Tea

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3 Essential Things you need to known about Kombucha Tea

There seems to be two different types of people 1) Those who love kombucha and 2) Those that know nothing about it. In this short article I want to go over some basics.

  1. Kombucha is the drink that is derived from a sweet tea fermented by a Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY). A green, oolong or black tea is mixed with sugar and the Scoby also known as Mother is added to the mix for 2 to 4 weeks. The result is fizy slightly sweet and slightly sour drink.
  2. Kombucha is commonly found in many grocery stores but can be made at home. Dehydrated Scoby can be bought over the internet, however it is best to get an established Mother from a friend. When trying kombucha for the first time, it is wise to drink a little at a time for your body to get used to this most unusual drink.
  3. Most bottled kombuchas are flavored with fruit, herbs and hibiscus. Home made kombucha can be flavored after the scoby is removed from the tea mixture. This steeping of fruit should be done in the refrigerator to reduce the production of carbon dioxide.

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