Japanese Shaved Ice

Kakigori Japanese Matcha Shaved IceDuring our recent trip to Japan we experienced a delicious and flavorful desert. Japanese Shaved Iced is made up of light ice like snow flakes and slightly sweetened milk. Our first flavor combination is topped with matcha and red bean. Of course you can substitute in any of our wide range of waffle toppings.

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Featured Tea Snack: Liege Waffles

Our liege waffles have a permanent home on our menu boards along with our new grilled cheeses.  Unlike breakfast waffles, liege wafflesLiege Waffles are native to Belgium and are made from a dough not a batter. Pearl sugar is incorporated into the dough, caramelizing on the outside giving a rich, sweet, dense and chewy flavor to this non-breakfast waffle.

The Background

The history of this waffle is conflicting but legend states that during the 18th century Prince-Bishop of Liege asked his chef to create him a treat that used pearl sugar. The chef mixed dough and the pearl sugar together, cooked it as a waffle and thus the Liege waffle was born.

At the Lounge

There are two different sizes for our waffles in both small and large and we have a list of additional toppings to choose from including house made whipped cream, maple syrup, Nutella, fruit loops, and more. Indecisive? We have four signature waffles to choose from with toppings already picked out including the monkey with Nutella, bananas, house made whipped cream and chocolate a chocolate drizzle to finish it off!


Pairing teas with food always comes down to balancing flavors. Sweet liege waffles would pair best with strong, bold and malty teas. We would recommend a Lounge favorite like Assam Black Tea or Vanilla Escape Black Tea.

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French Macarons are the perfect dessert for Spring

Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, but so many of your favorites feel too heavy in the warm weather? Macarons are a perfect solution. These light meringue biscuits filled with a light cream come in a variety of flavors. They are sweet and flavorful without being thick and heavy. We always have Pistachio, Almond, Caramel, Chocolate, Raspberry, Lychee Rose, Coconut, Espresso, Lemon and Earl Grey, plus a few extra flavors.

French Macaron Menu

French Macaron Menu

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Mother’s Day Breakfast Buffet and Afternoon Tea


This Mother’s Day May 10th Short and Stout is offering something special. If you’ve been to one of our special hostings or anniversary party you know how much fun and tasty a Short and Stout Tea Party can be. Well its time to treat your Mom or give a big nudge to you children for this treat. There will be a variety of tea related food including marble tea eggs, Darjeeling roasted potatoes and of course tea infused scones. Mother's Day Tea Party

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Short and Stout Tea Celebrates Macron Day

Macron DayMacrons are delicious meringue and cream French pastries. The outsides are crunchy, the insides are chewy and the filling is a “not too sweet” cream. We carry pistachio, lychee rose, lemon, raspberry, almond, chocolate and coconut flavors. They are small but don’t underestimate them. If you haven’t tried them before, you must.

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