What’s Brewing at Short and Stout Tea for April and May

A Very Special Offering for Mother’s Day

Short and Stout has announced a Mother’s Day Breakfast Buffet and Afternoon Tea on Sunday May 10th. We have hosted several birthday parties, wedding rehearsals, baby showers and now it’s time for us to host one ourselves for Mothers. RSVP by May 2nd. Click here for more information https://shortandstouttea.com/?p=1402


Spring Edition of Tea Talks Begin in May

Thursday May 14th at 6pm – Growing Tea in Your Backyard

Thursday May 28th at 6pm – Brewing Techniques and Recipes for Summer Drinks

Please call ahead. $3 per person

Blooming Tea


Blooming Teas are in Season

This is the season for blooming teas. Our Peach Fairy and Chrysanthemum bloom into beautiful blossoms which make perfect center pieces for your spring tea party. Just add water and enjoy. They can be infused multiple times so your party doesn’t have to stop when the pot is empty. We also carry a full line of glass tea pots if you are in need.


Wholesale Partners

Did you know you can find Short and Stout Tea in a many different communities throughout the area? Indian Ladder in Altamont, Café Calabria in Guilderland, Saati Catering in Loudonville, Better Bite in Downtown Albany, Local Flavor Café in Watervliet, Hudson River Coffee House in the Pine Hills of Albany and more to be added to the list. Have you had a matcha green tea doughnut from Cider Belly’s in Albany, yup you guessed it. That’s our tea!

We are always looking for more places to spread the joy of great tea. Let us know if you think your favorite place to go could up their tea offerings.


Our OutingsThe Crossings Farmer's Market

We love giving tea talks and we have a few lined up in May. We will be at the VA Hospital in Albany, Women’s League at Italian Community Center, Honest Weight Co-op in Albany and Avila Retirement. Let us know if you would like to have a tea talk at your place or ours.

We are excited to be back to the Colonie Crossings Farmers Market. It starts Saturday May 16th and is every Saturday until September from 9am to 1pm. There is a variety of vendor’s serving up their offerings.


Tea Quote

Tea is always a good idea.



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The 3 Names for Tea

Silver Needle White Tea

Silver Needle White Tea

Tea, Tay and Cha’ – Worldwide Synonyms for the most popular flavored beverage.

So why does it seem that the whole world calls tea cha’ except for us and the Europeans? It seems like all of Asia calls tea “cha,” but that’s not necessarily true. The first major tea trades between Europeans and Asians took place in 1610 between the Dutch and the Chinese from the Fujian Provence. The Chinese dialect in that area descendant from Confucius pronounced the word tay. The cargo boxes were printed with t’e so the natural progression was to pronounce it as “tea”.

During the same time Portugal conducted their own trades close to Hong Kong. There they spoke in a Cantonese dialect where tea was cha’. The other way to get tea out of China was camel back through Russia so Russians call tea cha’. Finally, India calls tea cha’ but pronounces it as chai. Masala chai translates as spiced tea and is traditionally drunk as a sweetened milk tea. In this country chai is indicative of the sweet and creamy spicy tea.

Even though it might seem complicated to think that there are three names for the same beverage, it’s amazing that there are only three. After all, tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world only second to water.

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What’s Brewing at Short and Stout in February

Macrons Are In!

Mac-RON-s are specialty pastries from France. It is made up of two

based biscuits with flavored cream or jam in the middle. The biscuits
are soft on the inside and slightly crunchy on the outside.

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Our current selection includes lemon, cranberry, lychee rose, espresso,
dark chocolate, almond, raspberry and pistachio.

Tea Talks Continue in February

We are entering the second month of our winter tea talk session.
Anyone is welcome to come. Please call ahead or stop in the shop to
reserve your seat. $3 fee.
February 10th– What isn’t tea? We will be discussing and tasting
those “teas” that don’t come from the tea plant.
February 24th– Tea Lab – Why fuss with water temperature? We will be
discussing all elements associated with water temperature and how it
relates to tea brewing.

New Teas Added to the Wall

Golden Pu-erh is a perfectly aged black tea that infuses dark, bold,
yet smooth. Gyokuro is an exquisite tea providing a bright jade color
infusion. We have finally selected a perfect blend for all our
friends asking for strawberry black tea. Our answer is Strawberry
Rumba. Black tea has never tasted so luscious.

Short and Stout Activities

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We will be at the Times Union Home
Show outside the Convention Center by the Concourse February 6th
through the 8th.

We are excited to be at The Women’s Expo at Siena College on February
28th and March 1st.

Tea Quote of the Month

“If you are cold, tea will warm you;

if you are too heated, it will cool you;
If you are depressed, it will cheer you;
If you are excited, it will calm you.”

William Ewart Gladstone

At Short and Stout – It’s Time for Tea

1736a Western Av. Albany, NY

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4 Teas That Are Not Teas At All

Relaxing chamomile tea, healthy herbal teas, refreshing hibiscus-based fruit teas and caffeine free rooibos or “Red Tea” are all very popular. The trouble is that none of these contain the tea plant. So why do we call them teas? The beverage “tea” has become generalized for a drink made by steeping anything in hot water. Technically, if what you’re steeping isn’t from the tea plant, it is a tisane.

1. Herbal Tisanes

Herbal Tisanes are very popular because they are functional. Many of these tisanes are ayurvedics (a-your-vay-dics) which is the name for the Indian system of medicine. There is no denying the effects of many plant-based tisanes and the affect on the body. Most people have experienced the effects of ginger to sooth their stomach or feel calming effects of chamomile tea. Some examples of herbal tisanes we carry at Short and Stout include Chamomile Citrus, Tummy Soother, Cold Chaser, Sleep Tight and Fit and Slim.

2. Fruit Tisanes

Fruit Tisanes are especially popular. Most have a hibiscus base which is tart. They can be enjoyed hot and also make great iced teas. Strawberry Festival, Blueberry Jubilee, Orange Pineapple Punch and Black and Blue (all the berries you can imagine) are some favorites at Short and Stout. Add a little bit of sugar and the flavor is as bold as a juice. Children of all ages love them.

3. Rooibos

Rooibos (roy-boss) also known as Red Tea is from a bush in South Africa that is well-regarded as a black tea alternative because of its robust flavor and its natural caffeine free quality. These make great desert drinks with flavors like Choco Mint Fantasy, Caramel Mystique and Vanilla Cream. We also have fruit flavors including Wild Blueberry and Orange Creamsicle.

4. Yerba Mate

The odd ball of all these caffeine free tisanes is Yerba Mate from Argentina. Yerba Mate is made either as green or roasted, but either way it has as much caffeine as coffee. Recently it has made its way as an ingredient into many energy drinks. Roasted Yerba Mate takes flavoring very well. Our Carnival Caramel and Hazelnut Mocha provide a strong bodied cup with great flavor. Yerba Mate is also in our Java Junction black tea. This tea actually has whole coffee beans, so it makes a great transition tea for those making the switch from coffee to tea.

Tea is only half of what’s available at Short and Stout. If you haven’t tried Fruit, Herbal, Rooibos or Yerba Mate tisanes you are missing another world just as rich as tea. Read more about tea at ShortAndStoutTea.com/blog.

At Short and Stout…It’s Time for Tea…and Tisanes!

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Our Tea Talk Schedule

Tea Talk Schedule

Tea Talk Schedule


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4 Examples of Breakfast Teas

What is a Breakfast Tea?

There is more to it than just a tea for a hearty breakfast. Breakfast teas are a blend of black teas from different countries. The most common blends are English, Irish and Scottish. Keemun from China was highly prized as the English’s favorite black tea, but it became rare and expensive during trade disagreements. To make Keemun last longer the British blended it with more common teas, hence English Breakfast.

  • English Breakfast is by far the most common. It is the lightest of the major three. most of the blend is Ceylon for Sri Lanka. This happens to be the place where Sir Lipton got most his tea. Other regional teas in the blend include Keemun and Assam.
  • Irish Breakfast is a stronger blend with the majority of tea coming from Assam (India). Assam black teas are the boldest teas in Asia. The timing of higher Indian export of Assam Tea and the rise of tea interest in Ireland led to a favoring of Assam in the Irish blend. Other regional teas in this blend include Ceylon and Keemun.
  • Scottish Breakfast tea is bolder than Irish with it’s combination of Kenyan Teas and Assam Tea. It is said that Scottish Breakfast is the strongest of them all because of the soft water in Scotland lead to lighter infusions.
  • A lesser known breakfast tea is Queen Catherine. Queen Catherine was married to King Charles II in 1662. She popularized breakfast tea and her blend is lighter than English Breakfast since it is a blend of Chinese Black Teas including Keemun.

So there is your five minute explanation of what breakfast teas are and what makes them different.

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