Matcha Bar and Retail Shop at Crossgates Mall


Short and Stout Matcha Bar and Retail Shop, located in Crossgates Mall on the second floor near JCPenney, opened in March of 2018. This space is full of tea making equipment, tea accessories and of course the 130 loose teas you love at the Lounge. Japanese Cast Iron Teapots, Japanese Matcha bowls and whisks, Chinese Gong Fu tea sets and modern accessories are all available in the spacious retail section.

The Matcha Bar in the rear of the store offers several grades of matcha served in a variety of ways. Matcha with Lime and Honey, Matcha Mudslide Latte, Genmai Matcha Latte and of course the highest grade matcha shots are available. These matcha drinks uses the most fresh matcha directly sourced from Japan.

Macarons form MacarOn Cafe in NYC are the premier treat served at the matcha bar.