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Short and Stout carries a wide variety of premium whole leaf teas including black, green, white, oolong, Pu-erh, as well as tisanes. However, our passion is for our own specialty fusion tea blends that combine the traditional with the exotic hint of fruit, herbs and spices.  We have fun with our teas and are always experimenting with complimentary flavors to create unique quality tea offerings for our customers.

We work directly with importers to obtain teas as close to the source as possible. Our suppliers are carefully selected and many are advocates in the tea industry. Our selections include of International award-winning teas. Any new tea has to pass our evaluation and meet our high standards before we even consider serving it to our customers. We start by choosing quality tea leaves that are visibly fresh (evident by a sheen), have an attractive appearance and pleasant aroma, and exceed expectations for taste. Our standards are high for a reason because these characteristics are essential to brewing a great tasting cup of tea with all the health benefits you expect from tea.

We are adding teas all the time so the selection is ever-increasing with over 100 teas, some of which contain organic ingredients, to choose from on any given day.  Because people are as diverse as tea, tastes will vary. That is what makes our job fun. Have fun trying new kinds of tea or stick with what you know you like. There’s no stress involved with tea drinking! We are happy to recommend a tea based on your preferences.

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