Big Red Robe Oolong Tea

Famous oolong tea from the WuYi Mountains in the Fujian province of China. This tea is called “Da Hong Pao” in Chinese. According to the legend, it is the type of tea that is believed to cure an illness of an emperor’s mother. Long twisted leaf style with exquisite flavor and aroma. It is more oxidized than most oolongs so it has a more roaster and robust flavor. 


Product Description

Steeping Suggestion : Use 1 tsp/ 8oz cup. Steep 4-5 minutes in 190 °F water.

For multiple infusions, increase the steeping time each consecutive steeping. For iced tea, use double amount of tea and steep normally. Pour over ice to drink immediately or add an equal amount of room temperature water and store in refrigerator. To sweeten, add sugar, honey, or stir in a sugar stick while the tea is still hot.


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