German Breakfast Black Tea

This strongest breakfast blend hails from the East Frisian Island of Germany. Malty and strong with a dark infusion. Traditionally drunk with sugar cubes and cream.

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Product Description

Steeping Suggestion : Use 1 tsp/ 8oz cup. Steep 3-4 minutes in 205 °F water

For iced tea, use double amount of tea and steep normally. Pour over ice to drink immediately or add an equal amount of room temperature water and store in refrigerator. To sweeten, add sugar, honey, or stir in a sugar stick while the tea is still hot.


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    I was very happy to discover this blend at Short and Stout. Growing up in Germany, we were served East Fresian Blend in the little Cafés along the North Sea coast while on vacation. My favorite way to drink it is with dark rock sugar (brown Kandis) and a little milk or cream. Try a thin walled porcelain tea cup instead of a sturdy mug. It makes it taste even more perfect.

    • Thank you for sharing your personal experience!