Halmari Estate Assam Black Tea

A fine Assam from Halmari Estate in India with flavorful whole leaves and lots of golden tips, an indication of premium quality from freshly plucked young leaves. A full bodied tea that produces a malty, sweet, and rich cup. Perfect as a morning beverage. Complemented well with milk.

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Product Description

Assam is a black tea named after the region of its production, Assam, in India. The tea plant is grown in the lowlands and the leaves are dark green and glossy and fairly wide compared to those of the Chinese tea plant. The tea is known for its body, briskness, malty flavor, and strong, bright color. 

Assam tea is generally harvested twice, in a “first flush” and a “second flush.” The first flush is picked during late March. The second flush is harvested later and more expensive because of the gold tips that appear on the leaves. It is sweeter and more full-bodied and is generally considered superior to the first flush tea. 

Steeping Suggestion : Use 1 tsp/ 8oz cup. Steep 3-4 minutes in 205 °F water

For iced tea, use double amount of tea and steep normally. Pour over ice to drink immediately or add an equal amount of room temperature water and store in refrigerator. To sweeten, add sugar, honey, or stir in a sugar stick while the tea is still hot. 


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    I have a tendency to forget that my tea is brewing and so leave it too long–this tea is very tolerant! It never gets too bitter. When I do actually brew it properly, it’s even better, as it has that nice tippy flavor.