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Teas for All Tastes – How To Choose Your Tea

With so many teas to choose from, there is something for everyone at Short and Stout Tea Shop. Whether you know your way around teas and tisanes or you’re new to it all, this guide gives you some practical advice to help choose from Short and Stout’s wide selection.  Because who doesn’t get overwhelmed when presented with over a 100 choices?

To start, the easiest decision to make is caffeine or not.  This divides the selection nearly in half. If you don’t mind caffeine (or love it!), your options include white, green, oolong, black or pu-erh tea as well as yerba mate tisanes. From here, consider whether you like bold or light flavor. Bold flavor lovers will likely prefer black or pu-erh tea or yerba mate, while those who prefer a lighter flavor will want to consider the white, green and oolong teas.  Once narrowed this far, another consideration is whether you would like a flavor (for example: vanilla, jasmine, or caramel). Keep in mind that straight black teas (those that aren’t flavored), yerba mate and matcha have the most caffeine. 

If your first choice is caffeine free, your options include decaf teas, herbal tisanes, fruit tisanes and rooibos. Confused by the word tisane? You are not alone, all it means is an infusion that doesn’t include tea from the tea plant (you can read more on that in Tea Basics). Just as with caffeinated tea, you would then decide if you would like a flavor and if so what flavors grab you. Most of our fruit tisanes are hibiscus based so they have tons of flavor balancing both tart and sweet at the same time. The options are intriguing and delicious at Short and Stout!

At the Tea Lounge, all teas are available by the pot, by the glass or to go, hot or iced.  Loose tea, pre-packaged or by the ounce, is available for purchase so you may enjoy our teas at home too.  Make sure you pick up a frequent buyer card so you receive a $10 value when you purchase 16 oz. over more than one purchase. If you buy a pound in one trip then you are entitled to a larger discount. If you are ordering for at home delivery, order more than $50 and get free delivery. 


Check out our Tea Basics section provides more information on tea and how to brew the perfect cup at home.

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