Tea Lounge and Bubble Tea Bar

Albany Tea Shop Panorama

Short and Stout Tea Lounge and Bubble Tea Bar is a modern tea shop with bold orange, yellow and red colors, glass top tables, and cozy overstuffed chairs, located at 1736a Western Av., Albany, New York.  We strive to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort where people can come to hang out, chat, appreciate art from local artists, and learn more about tea.  You might run into an old friend or make new ones. Our goal is to  build community…a Communi-Tea that fosters relationships, energy, and fun all while enjoying a fantastic tasting cup of tea. Short and Stout features more than 130 loose tea choices, displayed in conveniently color-coded tins for each type of tea. We encourage you to come to the counter and try a sample or two of the day while you decide on your tea. Feel free to ask questions and get a sniff of the teas before making a selection.  We will assist you in narrowing the choices down to teas that match your preferences. We enjoy talking with our customers and are happy to answer your questions and make a recommendation.

We offer both sweet and savory pastries. Here are some selections.

Savory Pastries:
  • Chicken curry puff infused with masala spice
  • Turkey & Provolone or Ham & Swiss Croissant Sandwiches
  • Vegetarian spring roll served with sweet and sour black tea sauce
  • Spinach Filo with mango white tea dipping sauce


Sweet Pastries:
  • Tea infused shortbread: Matcha, Earl Grey, Chai
  • Tea infused scones: Lemon Chamomile, Maple Black Tea
  • Oolong Infused Brookie (brownie topped cookie)
  • French Traditional Macarons


We also have gluten free and vegan pastries, so please ask us for the selection when you stop in.

Menu for Western Avenue Location Only