3 Tea Talks Scheduled at the Guilderland Public Library

3 Tea Talks Scheduled at the Guilderland Public Library

We have teamed up with the Guilderland Public Library to give you our better than ever tea talks. Register for the events here: Guilderland Public Library Calendar

Introduction to Tea – November 12th

What is tea, anyway? Most people don’t know that white, green, oolong and black tea all come from the same tea plant, just what happen after it is plucked makes tea those different kind of styles. In this informative session we will discuss topics on tea basics including: what is tea, history of tea, how to brew tea and of course a tea tasting.

Herbal Teas and Tisanes – December 17th

Steeping an herb in boiling water makes tisanes, not tea. Tea only comes from the tea plant. In this session we will discuss topics regarding flavorful, easy to make and healthy tisanes. Of course the talk wouldn’t be complete without a tasting.

Health Benefits of Tea and Tisanes – January 28th

A lot of people drink tea because it tastes great and others drink it because it is healthy. Fortunately, both are right and the most healthiest tea is the one you drink the most. In this session we will discuss the health considerations of tea and tisanes. Brewing techniques will be discussed and tea samples will be provided.


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