Cast Iron Teapots: Elegance and Functionality

Cast Iron Teapots: Elegance and Functionality

Most days, one cup of tea just isn’t enough. Investing in a teapot is one way to not only share multiple cups of tea with others, but to also save time between yourself and another cup of your favorite tea. There are many different styles of teapots, including porcelain, glass, ceramic, clay, and cast iron. Short and Stout Tea is now adding to their selection of teapots to include cast iron.

Cast iron teapots are called tetsubins in Japanese. The history of cast iron teapots is unknown, but evidence does suggest that cast iron teapots follow the historical rise of Sencha tea. Sencha tea, a loose leaf green tea, became common in the 17th century, when China introduced it to Japan. Before Sencha green tea, powdered matcha tea was common. As Sencha tea’s popularity rose, the cast iron teapot was born.

Today, there are many benefits to using a cast iron teapot.

  1. Distribute heat evenly throughout the pot. With the even distribution of heat in the water, the tea is brewed more flavorful and aromatic.
  2. More durable than other teapots. With proper care these teapots are often passed down throughout generations lasting many years.
  3. Avoid extra chemicals. Cast iron teapots are made from pure cast iron, which avoids the added chemicals that other teapots are often made with.
  4. Enhance tea health benefits. As cast iron teapots heat up evenly, the tea’s benefits are able to more strongly bond with the water, making them easier to absorb.
  5. Stay hot longer. Unlike other teapots, the cast iron teapot can stay hot for up to an hour.

Any teapot should be in a tea lover’s home, and compared to other teapots cast iron definitely stands out. Come in and see our selection of teapots and pick out the right style for yourself.