Featured Tea Snack: Liege Waffles

Featured Tea Snack: Liege Waffles

Our liege waffles have a permanent home on our menu boards along with our new grilled cheeses.  Unlike breakfast waffles, liegewaffles are  native to Belgium and are made from a dough not a batter. Pearl sugar is incorporated into the dough, caramelizing on the outside giving a rich, sweet, dense and chewy flavor to this non-breakfast waffle

The Background

The history of this waffle is conflicting but legend states that during the 18th century Prince-Bishop of Liege asked his chef to create him a treat that used pearl sugar. The chef mixed dough and the pearl sugar together, cooked it as a waffle and thus the Liege waffle was born.

At the Lounge

There are two different sizes for our waffles in both small and large and we have a list of additional toppings to choose from including house made whipped cream, maple syrup, Nutella, fruit loops, and more. Indecisive? We have four signature waffles to choose from with toppings already picked out including the monkey with Nutella, bananas, house made whipped cream and chocolate a chocolate drizzle to finish it off!


Pairing teas with food always comes down to balancing flavors. Sweet liege waffles would pair best with strong, bold and malty teas. We would recommend a Lounge favorite like Assam Black Tea or Vanilla Escape Black Tea.