Spring Tea Talks with Matthew

Spring Tea Talks with Matthew

Tea is the second most popular beverage in the world (only second to water), its origins date back five thousand years and encompasses the world; there has to be a good story or two in its history. This is a fun interactive session that will reveal “Who was Earl Grey, Anyway?”, “John Fortune’s Misfortunes” and “Name that Culture”. Registration is Free at www.guilpl.org


Tea and Cheese Pairing: Thursday, March 10th at 6pm at Honest Weight Food Co-op

Looking for more knowledge on tea, cheese or both? Short and Stout and the HWFC Cheese Department has came up with 5 pairings that will delight the senses and inform the curious mind. Learn what makes for a good pairing, preparation tea and effective garnishing. Registration is free at eventbrite.com

Thailand Tea Tasting: Tuesday, March 22nd at 6pm at Short and Stout Tea Lounge (Note Date Change)

Our travels to Thailand earlier this year provided us with an opportunity to procure a variety of unique teas. We will be offering a tasting with our USDA Organic Certified Matcha and several grades of oolong including one Frost Tea that is only picked during an overnight frost. Traditional Thai food will be offered. Register at the lounge, Cost $10.

The Next Generation of Tea: Thursday, April 7th at 7pm at Guilderland Public Library

Can’t teach a 5000 year old dog new tricks? I beg to differ. The culture of tea has ever evolved and this tea talk will build on March’s session on tea history and discuss where tea is going. Will it be traditional, will it be organic? What is Bubble Tea anyway? Registration is Free at www.guilpl.org

Herbal Teas from Your Garden: Thursday, May 5th at 7pm at Guilderland Public Library

Learn how to make and enjoy herbal teas grown from your garden. A discussion on health benefits and a tasting will be provided. Registration is Free at www.guilpl.org. This session will also be given March 20th during the Garden and Flower Show at Hudson Valley Community College, Troy.