Tea Spotlight: Choco-Mint Fantasy Rooibos

Tea Spotlight: Choco-Mint Fantasy Rooibos

With the holiday season comes a flood of familiar, feel-good flavors: foamy eggnog, spicy mulled cider, piquant gingerbread…and of course, the magical marriage between chocolate and peppermint.

At Short and Stout, our Choco Mint Fantasy flavored tisane will satisfy any pallet that appreciates the refreshing richness of chocolate mint. An organic rooibos-based infusion featuring real peppermint and cocoa beans, this tea reflects the decadence of a Peppermint Mocha without the caffeine kick.

First Whiff: Cool and rich, just like an Andes Mint.

First Sip: Smooth, gentle, yet delectable. Chocolate and mint can be tricky to balance, but in the case of Choco Mint Fantasy, neither flavor overpowers the other. Cacao gives the drink its depth, while peppermint adds subtle brightness. The blend’s yogurt bits lend a barely perceptible milky quality.

Brewing a cup of Choco Mint Fantasy requires no fuss. Simply add 1.5 teaspoons per 8 oz of boiling water. Steep for 7 minutes to achieve optimal choco-mint deliciousness. Spend those 7 minutes reveling in eager anticipation.

In the mood for a sweet, creamy, and energizing version? Try our latte-style Choco Mint Warmer (or Chiller, if you prefer iced). To create this specialty latte-style drink, we use our Chocolate Fix black tea mixed with peppermint, add foamed milk (or non-dairy milk) and sweetener, and top it all off with crumbled peppermint candy and a sprig of fresh mint. The result is a beautiful drink guaranteed to fill the grumpiest of humbugs with holiday spirit.

If enjoying your Choco Mint Fantasy or Choco Mint Warmer/Chiller at our tea lounge, consider pairing with our seasonal White Chocolate Peppermint or Gingerbread macaron to complete the experience.

Choco Mint Fantasy, along with a variety of teas and a quality selection of tea accessories, are available at our online shop. Find the perfect holiday gift for the tea-lover in your life, or discover ideas for your own wish list!