What’s Brewing at Short and Stout in February

What’s Brewing at Short and Stout in February

Macrons Are In!

Mac-RON-s are specialty pastries from France. It is made up of two

based biscuits with flavored cream or jam in the middle. The biscuits
are soft on the inside and slightly crunchy on the outside.

Our current selection includes lemon, cranberry, lychee rose, espresso,
dark chocolate, almond, raspberry and pistachio.

Tea Talks Continue in February

We are entering the second month of our winter tea talk session.
Anyone is welcome to come. Please call ahead or stop in the shop to
reserve your seat. $3 fee.
February 10th– What isn’t tea? We will be discussing and tasting
those “teas” that don’t come from the tea plant.
February 24th– Tea Lab – Why fuss with water temperature? We will be
discussing all elements associated with water temperature and how it
relates to tea brewing.

New Teas Added to the Wall

Golden Pu-erh is a perfectly aged black tea that infuses dark, bold,
yet smooth. Gyokuro is an exquisite tea providing a bright jade color
infusion. We have finally selected a perfect blend for all our
friends asking for strawberry black tea. Our answer is Strawberry
Rumba. Black tea has never tasted so luscious.

Short and Stout Activities

We will be at the Times Union Home
Show outside the Convention Center by the Concourse February 6th
through the 8th.

We are excited to be at The Women’s Expo at Siena College on February
28th and March 1st.

Tea Quote of the Month

“If you are cold, tea will warm you;

if you are too heated, it will cool you;
If you are depressed, it will cheer you;
If you are excited, it will calm you.”

William Ewart Gladstone

At Short and Stout – It’s Time for Tea

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