What’s Brewing at Short and Stout in November

What’s Brewing at Short and Stout in November

Additions to our Tea Selection

Pumpkin Spice Rooibos is new to our line up and its addition is perfect timing for the season. Rooibos is caffeine free and aids in digestion, perfect when partaking in too much during a festive meal.

Coconut Lover Black tea recipe has finally been nailed down for all the coconut fans out there.

We are also excited to have Raspberry Green Tea. This tea has a nice raspberry flavor and the hibiscus gives a little tart kick.

Beat the Crowd and Shop Early
Our full line of tea accessories are stocked up which include Bodum Tea Presses, Tea Pot Jewelry, Children’s Tea Sets and Mug Cozies. Our Travel Cup Tea Presses are prefect for college students and tea drinkers on the go.

Sweeten the Deal
We have a variety of ways for you to add some sweets into your favorite teas. We offer local raw honey from two bee keepers. One is blended honey with cinnamon. It is a must try.

We also offer Amber Rock Sugar that like honey adds a smooth sweetness, but without the honey flavor. If you are looking for flavor in your sweetener our Hail Sugar comes in Toffee Caramel and Vanilla Cream. Hail Sugar is a lot like Amber Rock Sugar but is porous so it dissolves quickly.

Our Tea Talks Continue
This month the tea talk topic will be “It’s Actually Easy Being Green”. It will be offered Wednesday, November 19th at 6pm. We will be talking and tasting everything Green Tea. Samples will include the likes of Sencha, Dragonwell, Organic Gunpowder, Matcha, Uji Genmichia and a few flavored teas. There is a nominal charge of $3 to reserve your seat.

We also have the honor of doing a tea talk and tasking at the VA Hospital on Holland Avenue on November 25th at noon.

We will be at the Desmond for the Pride of New York Saturday the 7th and Sunday the 8th. We will be at Christian Brothers Academy Saturday
the 22nd. We will be at Mohonasen Orchestra Craft Fair at Draper Middle School in Rotterdam on Saturday the 29th.

Think of us on Small Business Saturday following Black Friday. This is a national movement in an effort to increase awareness by supporting local businesses. American Express gives statement credit to those who shop at approved businesses.   Click Here for more information.

Quote of the Month
“I maintain that one strong cup of tea is better than twenty weak ones.”
-George Orwell

At Short and Stout – It’s Time for Tea