What’s Brewing at Short and Stout Tea

What’s Brewing at Short and Stout Tea

Return From our Tea Journey:

We have returned from Thailand after visiting several tea estates. It was fantastic trip. We learned so much in such a little time and we have a few ways for you to learn about our Tea Journey.


  1. Short and Stout Tea Web Blog: Although I still have more to publish you can share in our experience while flying through Japan to Thailand. Before we made it to any Tea Estate we found that green tea is such a popular flavor to ice cream, candy, snack food and drinks. For ice cream it seems like green tea has replaced vanilla.

  2. Tea Journey Presentation at Short and Stout: Starting at 5pm on Thursday Feb 4th we will have our presentation. The format will be a casual “drop in” talk including a slide show and Q&A. The event is free. Stop in when you can for a few minutes or stay the whole time.


We are Re-Opened for Sundays:

While we were away Samantha did a fantastic job overseeing the day to day duties of the lounge, but we couldn’t ask her to do it for7 days a week. We had a great response for being open on Sundays in 2015, so we are re-opened on Sundays from 11:30am to 4pm, now through May.

Tea Talk at Guilderland Public Library:

In addition to the Tea Journey Presentation at S&S on 2/4 we are continuing our Tea Talk Series at Guilderland Public Library. Our next talk is January 28th at 7pm the topic is Health Benefits of Tea and Tisanes including brewing methods. Registration is free, please sign up on their calender

New Products:

Although many of our new loose teas from Thailand won’t be ready for another week, our new teaware is available.

  1. Yixing Teapots: For those looking for a Gongfu Cha teaware, we now have traditional Yixing Teapots with matching cups. Gongfu Cha is a brewing method preferred by the Chinese where several 30 second steepings occur within a small unglazed clay teapot.
  2. Teapot and Travel Mug Cozies: We have partnered with Fibres of Life which is a fair trade handmade fabric design company from Nepal. We offer beautiful teapot cozies made of felt wool with hand printed designs. They are perfect to keep your teapots warm on these cold mornings (pre-warming your teapots help as well). Also, we have travel mug cozies offered in a knit design.
  3. Glass Tumblers: We are excited to finally offer a glass travel tumbler with infuser. This is perfect for the tea drinker on the go. One side has a screw cap with a quality removable infuser and the other side has a screw cap for pouring or sipping. The glass is tempered to handle boiling water and the silicone gripper insulates the heat with ease.

Tea Quote:

When it comes to tea business, it’s more like family than customers- Tea Estate Owner.