What’s Brewing in July

What’s Brewing in July

We are celebrating summer with an awesome iced tea deal. Each day we will be selecting one of our premium teas to brew as iced tea and you get to try them at a great price. It’s a great way for you to cool off and try a variety of teas you might not normally try. 16 oz of Iced Tea for $1 until the end of August, enjoy.

French Speaking Night

A French Speaking group is getting together at Short and Stout on Friday July 11th at 6pm. This is an open group for anyone to join.

Short and Stout Mugs

Our much awaited for mugs are here. If you’re a proud Short and Stout Tea Drinker show your stripes. They go for $6.95.

Ideas to Refresh Your Tea Stash

Do you have a drawer full of teas that don’t inspire you to enjoy them? Try these few tips to spark new interest from an old tea.

  1. This time of year herbs are easy to find. Many herbs like mint grow like a weed and there is countless number of potential ingredients found in farmers markets. Go ahead and infuse them into your tea.
  2. Combine flavors already found in your tea drawer. Try combinations like Earl Grey and chamomile and mix two different hibiscus based tisanes together for fruit medley. If you’re using two teabags for one cup make sure to reduce your steeping time or it will be too strong.
  3. Try cold brewing your teas. Put a few teaspoons of tea into a pint of cold water and refrigerate. It’s ready after 6-8 hours, but if it steeped longer or is too strong, just simply dilute it with some water.