What’s Brewing in June

What’s Brewing in June

Refresh with Iced Teas

With the warming weather our iced “CRAFTeas” have outsold our hot versions. House favorites include Black Berry Madness (Black and Blue Hibiscus, Moroccan Mint and loads of crushed black berries) and Iced Tea Punch (Orange Pineapple, Sencha Green Tea and a splash of sparkling water). Of course our sweet and creamy Thai Iced Teas and Bubble Teas are a big hit.

New Products Now Available

New additions to the shop include Short and Stout branded travel mugs. The aluminum and black mug has a nice sophisticated appearance.

Now that grilling season has started try our Chipotle Black Tea or Jasmine Citrus Green Tea rub. They are a great addition to meat, fish and vegetables. Add it to sour cream for a unique dip.

We have refreshed our pastry offerings to include an assortment from Pie Squared, Zachary’s Pastries and our own kitchen.