Sparkler Carbonated Tea



We are bubbling with excitement as we introduce our latest creation: Sparkler, a canned carbonated tea that embodies the essence of our tea craft and the spirit of the Tea Lounge. Crafted with passion and a decade of expertise, Sparkler is our way for tea lovers to taste the unmistakable flavor of Short and Stout Tea’s mocktail on the go. This slightly caffeinated, slightly sweet elixir bursting with flavor showcases the dedication we’ve poured into every can.

So many canned and bottled teas are weak, unbalanced, or too sugary.

Experience our remarkable flavor:

**Explosive Flavor** From the first sip to the last, Sparkler delivers an explosion of flavors that excites your palate. Think mocktail in a can!

**Slightly Sweet** Indulge your sweet tooth with the perfect amount of sweetness, balancing the beverage’s profile.

**Slight Caffeine Boost** Sparkler offers a gentle kick to keep you going.

If Short and Stout Tea made it, you know it will be flavorful – Sparkler is no exception. We only use natural ingredients and don’t skimp on the quality or quantity, so the flavor is extraordinary. Sparkler is another step in our tea journey, and we’re thrilled to share it with our communiTEA. Short and Stout Tea invites you to embrace our flavorful teas and celebrate the craft with Sparkler.

Ingredients: hibiscus, apple, green tea, pineapple, orange peel, rosehip, lime, sugar, natural flavor

Wholesale options are available.

 Sparkler Carbonated Tea