Moroccan Mint Green Tea

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One of the most popular green tea blends in the world with a combination of green tea and peppermint leaves.


Moroccan mint tea is green tea with mint leaves. It occupies a very important place in Moroccan culture and is considered an art form. Moroccan tea culture is defined by the way tea is prepared and consumed in Morocco. The tea is served not only at mealtimes but all through the day, and it is especially a drink of hospitality, commonly served whenever there are guests. Unlike Moroccan food, cooked by women, this tea is traditionally a man’s affair, prepared by the head of the family. It is served to guests, and it is impolite to refuse it. The tradition has also spread throughout North Africa, parts of the Sahel, and southern Spain.


China remains the main provider of green tea to Morocco. It is believed that green tea was first introduced to Morocco in the 18th century, and began spreading through the country in the mid-19th century. Morocco is considered the first importer of Chinese green tea worldwide. Nowadays, Moroccan-style mint tea is commonly served all through the West Arab World.


Ingredients : Gunpowder green tea, peppermint


Steeping Suggestion : Use 1 tsp/ 8oz cup. Steep 2-3 minutes in 175 °F water


For iced tea, use double amount of tea and steep normally. Pour over ice to drink immediately or add an equal amount of room temperature water and store in refrigerator. To sweeten, add sugar, honey, or stir in a sugar stick while the tea is still hot.