Peach Serenity Oolong

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Ti Kwan Yin Oolong flavored with delightful peach nectar aroma to create an unforgettable fruity cup for a peaceful moment. Smooth and subtle with a little hint of citrus and ginger. Simply exquisite. Excellent hot or cold.

Ingredients: Ti Kwan Yin oolong, pineapple, peach, orange peel, lime piece, ginger, rose buds, marigold, cornflower, natural flavor

Steeping Suggestion: Use 1 tsp/ 8oz cup. Steep 4-5 minutes in 190 °F water


For iced tea, use double amount of tea and steep normally. Pour over ice to drink immediately or add an equal amount of room temperature water and store in refrigerator. To sweeten, add sugar, honey, or stir in a sugar stick while the tea is still hot.